This page is an easily accessible reference of 8845 artist paints with pigment information and some hand painted swatches.

I've included here different artist paints, where technical data available. I focus mainly on watercolors, gouaches, poster paints, and acrylics. I prioritize artist quality paints from reliable manufacturers, but some student range also included.

Manufacturers often change their ranges, adding or removing paints, changing recipes. When a full paint range changes, I keep the 'old' range separately. If only a single paint's recipe changes, I simply keep both versions in the list for comparison.


Poster colors


Ink watercolors

Ink acrylics



Egg temperas

Acrylic gouaches


Pigments (and dyes)

PB — Blue

PBk — Black

PBr — Brown

PG — Green

PO — Orange

PR — Red

PV — Violet

PW — White

PY — Yellow

PM —