Information on 36925 art products (colour pencils, pastels, watercolour, acrylic, gouache, oil paints etc.) with 4218 hand made swatches which you can browse, sort, view as a chart, and compare.
  • Tech

    Image placeholders for a watercolor chart in Rails • Using blurhash with ruby

    Displaying matching image placeholders while the higher quality image is loaded

  • Art supplies

    Kremer 30th Anniversary Pigment Assortment Blue • Swatches

    Pigment collection from Kremer with 30 blue pigments

  • Art supplies

    Kremer Pigment Assortment Red • Swatches

    Pigment collection from Kremer with 27 pigments

  • Art supplies

    Kremer Earth Pigment Assortment • Swatches

    Earth pigment collection from Kremer in plastic jars

  • Art supplies

    Kremer 35th Anniversary Pigment Assortment • Swatches

    Pigment collection from Kremer with 35 pigments in a small 10ml glass

  • Art supplies

    Watercolor dot cards • Dot cards and handpainted charts for watercolor ranges

    It's hard to pick a paint from a catalogue. To make it easier, some manufacturers sell or give away dot cards with tiny amounts of paints, usually on watercolor paper

  • Bookbinding

    Tools for bookbinding: Rulers and Squares • A quick guide to choosing rulers for bookbinding

    For bookbinding, rulers are multi-purpose tools. You will use it for precise measurement, cutting, as a spacer, as a weight, and for many other jobs. Here's a quick introduction to different type of rulers

  • Bookbinding • Projects

    Watercolor swatch organizer • Catalogue boxes for swatch cards

    Bookbinding project to create trays with divider

  • Bookbinding

    Folded sheets for bookbinding • What if you want to bind a `real` book?

    Where to find folded sheets for your bookbinding projects? Are there any publishers who sell books without binding?

  • Bookbinding • Projects

    Building a light tent • Photographing shiny reflective surfaces

    How to build a foldable light tent from scrap materials.

  • Art supplies

    MaimeriBlu Watercolor

    Maimeri Blu is a watercolor brand of Maimeri, an Italian art supplier company, part of the Fila Group (along with Lyra, Daler Rowney, and Canson, to name a few well-known companies). This artist-grade watercolor range was fully updated around 2016, with a unique approach: all colors are made from a single pigment

  • Art supplies

    Poster Colors and special gouaches • What's the difference between poster color, gouache, and watercolor?

    Comparison of different water-based paint materials, and some information about Nicker Poster Color