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    Watercolor dot cards • Dot cards and handpainted charts for watercolor ranges

    It's hard to pick a paint from a catalogue. To make it easier, some manufacturers sell or give away dot cards with tiny amounts of paints, usually on a watercolor card

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    MaimeriBlu Watercolor

    Maimeri Blu is a watercolor brand of Maimeri, an Italian art supplier company, part of the Fila Group (along with Lyra, Daler Rowney, and Canson, to name a few well-known companies). This artist-grade watercolor range was fully updated around 2016, with a unique approach: all colors are made from a single pigment

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    Poster Colors and special gouaches • What's the difference between poster color, gouache, and watercolor?

    Comparison of different water-based paint materials, and some information about Nicker Poster Color