A random list of my favourite websites






  • StudyBass

    There are many online tutorials out there for anything. But it's hard to find a good one. Andrew Pouska's Study Bass is a gem in so many ways. Tools, well-written lessons, videos. So much content. StudyBass has paid content, but almost everything is available for free, which is unbelievable seeing the quality and the size of this project.

    → https://www.studybass.com/

  • Web3 is going just great

    Actually this one is about the bad side of the internet, the stupid wild west of NFTs and crypto-scams. Really nice compilation.

    → https://web3isgoinggreat.com/


  • The Cursed Computer Iceberg Meme

    A fascinating compilation of oddities, not-so-good ideas, weird stories from computer history. You can read it as a good anthology, and there are enough funny or terrifying topics for days here.

    → https://suricrasia.online/iceberg/

  • belowthesurface.amsterdam

    An online exhibition of the archaeological finds from the construction of the metro line under the city of Amsterdam. You can check all the finds from the last Ice Age to 2005. That's alone super interesting, but you can also check the displays inside the Rokin metro station. On top of that, they published the catalog as an oversized, beautifully designed book. Jerzy Gawronski [ed.]. Stuff – Catalogue Archaeological Finds Amsterdam’s North/South Metro Line. Van Zoetendaal / De Harmonie, 2018.

    → https://belowthesurface.amsterdam/en

  • materialarchiv

    This online collection/exhibition is made in a cooperation of ten Swiss universities/institutes. You can read information about different materials, from banana fibers to various aluminum. But what I've found most interesting here is the extensive information about pigments, different paper types, and bookbinding materials. (The page is in German.)

    → https://materialarchiv.ch/de/vacuum/