What's new in July 2023

2023-08-03 (Update: 2023-08-09)
1) New brands in the database with pigment information

Alpha Colors Silver Acrylic Colors (Acrylic), Aquarylic acrylic color (Acrylic), Aquarylic aquarylic color (Acrylic), Colorfield Artist's Acrylics (Acrylic), Demco Acrylic (Acrylic), Demco Fluid Acrylic (Acrylic), Gwartzmans Acrylic (Acrylic), Jerry's Artarama SoHo Urban Artists Heavy Body Acrylic (Acrylic), Kroma Acrylics (Acrylic), Loppo Art Cell (Acrylic), Lukas Cryl Terzia (Acrylic), Mont Marte Pouring Acrylic Paint (Acrylic), Nevskaya Palitra Sonnet Studio Acrylic (СОНЕТ) (Acrylic), Opus Essential Heavy Body Acrylics (Acrylic), Raphaël CAMPUS Acrylic (Acrylic), Riot Holcroft Professional Acrylic Impasto Paint (Acrylic), Tri-Art Art Noise (Acrylic), Wallack's Fluid Acrylics (Acrylic)

Malevich Artist' Gouache (Gouache), Renesans Gouache (Gouache), Schaal Gouache (Gouache), Tair Gouache (Gouache), Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache (Gouache), idee Rico Design ART Gouache (Gouache)

Kremer Pigmente Artist Inks (Ink), Sennelier Abstract Acrylic Inks (Acrylic Ink), Joop Stoop JS Gutenberg Colour (Intaglio Ink)

Cass Art Artists' Oil Colour (Oil), Malevich Tician Oil Colour (Oil), Nevskaya Palitra Sonnet Studio Oil (Oil), Podolsk Art Oil Fine (Oil), Riot Eraldo di Paolo Artists' Oil Colour (Oil), idee Rico Design Prato Oil Paints (Oil), Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oil Colors (Water Mixable Oil), Renesans Hydr-Oil (Water Mixable Oil)

Blue Ridge Dry Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), Cobea Divolo Pigment Powder (Pigment, dry or paste), Couleurs Leroux Pigments Purs Leroux (Pigment, dry or paste), Jackson's Artist Pigment (Pigment, dry or paste), Kremer Pigmente [Dry] Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), Kroma Dry Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), L'Artisan Pastellier Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), Matsuda Mizuneri [Water-Based] Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), Pintkor Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste), Pēbēo Fluid Pigment (Pigment, dry or paste), Kremer Pigmente Retouching Colors in Laropal A81 (Resin-based Restoration Paint)

Art Spectrum Art Prism Studio Watercolours (Watercolor), CfM Handmade Watercolors (Watercolor), Grumbacher Academy Watercolor (Watercolor), L'Artisan Pastellier Aquarelles extra-fines (Watercolor), Malevich Veronese Watercolor (Watercolor), NTC Lazurit Watercolor [Перша столиця] (Watercolor), Ottosson Färgmakeri Akvarellfärg (Watercolor), Yasutomo Niji Artist Watercolors (Watercolor), Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolors (Liquid Watercolor), Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks (Watercolor Stick)

2) New features

If you miss an artist paint brand or company, or if you find errors, please let me know.