What's new in June 2023

2023-07-01 (Update: 2023-07-05)
1) Swatches and color measurements

2) New brands in the database with pigment information

Marabu Artist Acryl (Acrylic) La Pajarita Chroma Color (Acrylic) Golden SoFlat new colors (Acrylic) Kimera Kimera Kolors (Acrylic) Derivan Matisse (Flow Formula) (Acrylic) Derivan Matisse (Structure Formula) (Acrylic) Royal Talens Amsterdam Standard Acrylic Gouache Japanes market (Acrylic Gouache)

Royal Talens Van Gogh Colour Pencil (Colored Pencil)

Rosa Studio Gouache Paint (Gouache) Maimeri Tempera Fine some new pigment information (Gouache) Titan Arts Tempera colours (Gouache)

Kusakabe Mino Artists' Oil Colours (Oil) Brauberg Premiere Artist Oil Colors (Oil) Haarlemmer Olieverf Oil Colour (Oil) Williamson Arts Oil Paint (Oil) Gerstaecker I Love Art Oil (Oil) Rosa Gallery Oil Colour (Oil) Shinhan sh Oil Color (Oil)

Sakura Cray-Pas Specialist pigment information for all colors (Oil Pastel) Kremer Pigmente [Dry] Pigments some new pigments (Pigment) St Luke Artist Colourmen Pigment (Pigment, dry or paste) Kusakabe Artist's Pigment (Pigment, dry or paste) Natural Earth Paint Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste) Cromacolor Pure Artists Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste) Jackman's Art Materials Dry Pigment Powder (Pigment, dry or paste) WG Ball Artists Pigments (Pigment, dry or paste)

Mabartt Acuarelas Profesionales (Watercolor) Lienzos Levante Acuarela Españoleto (Watercolor) Lutea Watercolors (Watercolor) Kusakabe Artists' Water Colours new limited colors (Watercolor) Alba Watercolors (Watercolor) Vista-Artista Studio Water Colour (Watercolor) Arteza Watercolors (Watercolor)

3) Lightfastness tests for poster colours

Attached lightfastness test pdfs for Nicker Poster Colour and ShinHan Professional Poster Color. Thank you J. for sharing that.

4) New feautures

  • Filtering: on some pages, like on the brand view page (for example here) there's a filter box - just type something (like 'blue' or 'PB29') to instantly filter out everything else.

  • Most of the swatch images are served from CDN, so the page loading speed should be faster than before

  • Company information: The art supply companies are filterable by medium, and started to list historical companies, and also companies, who does not provide any pigment or technical information. Holding companies are visible in the list now.

  • Pigment technical information: on individual pigment pages (for example PY154) there is a new section, hidden by default. It contains information about the pigment's physical and technical properties, like particle size, specific gravity, oil absorption, etc. based on individual pigment products (both on artist pigments, which are listed on this page, and industrial pigment products). They may not be representative of the pigment itself, but it could be really helpful for paint making, or even if you are looking for a specific paint properties (for example for acrylic pouring).

If you miss an artist paint brand or company, or if you find errors, please let me know.