314 Dioxazine violet

A. Gallo Honey-Based Watercolor

A. Gallo Honey-Based Watercolor (86 paints)
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Dioxazine violet
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Series 3
Color description (Experimental)

Color Description
dark valued, dull violet-blue
color measurement, watercolor swatch masstone
CIE L* 32.33 a* 19.48 b* -22.74

Illuminant D50, Observer 2°

CIE-L*a*b* L* 32.3328 a* 19.4771 b*-22.7444

Illuminant D50, Observer 2°

CIE-L*Ch°(ab) L* 32.33 C* 29.94 310.57
sRGB r 89 g 67 b 111 hex #59436F
P3 RGB r 0.347 g 0.261 b 0.429
REC2020 RGB r 0.278 g 0.207 b 0.372
Ok-Lab L 0.427 a 0.053 b -0.063
Ok-LCh° L 0.427 C 0.082 309.917

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Value scale
Color Atlases
HLC Atlas H310_L030_C030 ΔE2000 1.8446
Munsell Atlas 10.0PB 3.0/8.0 ΔE2000 1.7301
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A. Gallo Honey-Based Watercolor 314 Dioxazine violet PV37 watercolor swatch 314 Dioxazine violet PV37 +
A. Gallo Honey-Based Watercolor 247 Raw sienna, Badia PY43 watercolor swatch 247 Raw sienna, Badia PY43 (random color)

1:0 3:1 3:2 1:1 2:3 1:3 0:1

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