Artist Pigment


Please note, this is not the full range, simply the list of paints I have or tested.

Attributes, Swatch Code Name Pigments
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 004 Benzymidazole Yellow PY154 watercolor swatch
004 Benzymidazole Yellow  PY154
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 014 Cadmium Yellow Pale PY35 watercolor swatch
014 Cadmium Yellow Pale  PY35
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 039 Mars Black PBk11 watercolor swatch
039 Mars Black  PBk11
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 044 Mars Yellow Deep PY42 watercolor swatch
044 Mars Yellow Deep  PY42
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 046 Natural Sienna Monte Amiata PBr7 watercolor swatch
046 Natural Sienna Monte Amiata  PBr7
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 057 Quinacridone Magenta PR122 watercolor swatch
057 Quinacridone Magenta  PR122
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 059 Raw Cyprus Ochre PY43 watercolor swatch
059 Raw Cyprus Ochre  PY43
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 063 Slate PBk19 watercolor swatch
063 Slate  PBk19
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 066 Titanium Orange PBr24 watercolor swatch
066 Titanium Orange  PBr24
#<Company:0x00007fa604f20da8> Artist Pigment 089 Graphite Black PBk10 watercolor swatch
089 Graphite Black  PBk10