23610 Alizarine Crimson Dark

Kremer Pigmente Pigment

Kremer Pigmente Pigment (230 pigments)
Paint name, or `color`
Alizarine Crimson Dark
Paint code
Pigment, dry or paste
C.I. 58000:1  Synthetic organic pigment, based on dyestuff alizarin. 
Color description (Experimental)
moderately dark valued, dull red-violet
RGB r 193 g 69 b 93 #C1455D
CIE L*47.43 a*51.32 b*12.94
CIE 14.15 L*47.43 C*52.93
HLC H015_L045_C055
Munsell 2.5R 5.0/12.0
Source watercolor swatch masstone (D65 10°)
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