23370 Pyramid-Yellow medium

Kremer Pigmente Pigment

Kremer Pigmente Pigment (230 pigments)
Paint name, or `color`
Pyramid-Yellow medium
Paint code
Pigment, dry or paste
Color description (Experimental)
very light valued, intense yellow-orange
RGB r 254 g 192 b 0 #FEC000
CIE L*81.18 a*9.62 b*83.01
CIE 83.39 L*81.18 C*83.56
HLC H085_L080_C085
Munsell 2.5Y 8.0/12.0
Source watercolor swatch masstone (D65 10°)
Value scale
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Kremer Pigmente Pigment 23350 Indian Yellow Imitation PY150 watercolor swatch 23350 Indian Yellow Imitation  PY150
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Kremer Pigmente Pigment 23380 Pigment Yellow 83 PY83 watercolor swatch 23380 Pigment Yellow 83  PY83

Swatch on watercolor paper

Pigments in watercolor binder (Kremer 79260 gum arabicum based pigment or own receipe)

Kremer Pigmente Pigment 23370 Pyramid-Yellow medium PY108 watercolor swatch