23153 Quinacridone Pink

Kremer Pigmente Pigment

Kremer Pigmente Pigment (230 pigments)
Paint name, or `color`
Quinacridone Pink
Paint code
Pigment, dry or paste
Color description (Experimental)
dark valued, dull red-violet
RGB r 146 g 44 b 71 #922C47
CIE L*34.60 a*44.84 b*7.59
CIE 9.61 L*34.60 C*45.48
HLC H010_L035_C045
Munsell 10.0RP 3.0/10.0
Source watercolor swatch masstone (D65 10°)
Value scale
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Kremer Pigmente Pigment 23100 Anthraquinone Blue PB60 watercolor swatch 23100 Anthraquinone Blue  PB60
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