I list here the currently available wooden graphite pencil brands which use `European` grading system. Unfortunately, there is no standard for grading graphite pencil by hardness. Grades can slightly differ by brand but give a rough idea about the hardness of the pencil.

You can use these charts below to compare different brands and check some characteristics of these pencils. The samples were made on the same paper with the same techniques.

I've included pencil brands that

  • are graphite based
  • offer multiple grades
  • are intended for art (or high quality enough)
  • are available in Germany

The comparison tables are pretty wide, but you can scroll them horizontally.

↔︎ Graphite pencil brands for art

↔︎ Other graphite pencil brands with wider grade ranges

↔︎ Aquarellable pencils

↔︎ Office pencils

↔︎ Special pencils