Watercolor swatch organizer

Catalogue boxes for swatch cards

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I have hundreds of small watercolor swatches. I paint them on a Hahnemühle Echt-Bütten watercolor paper, the swatch size is 55x100 mm. I kept them in some smaller boxes, but their size (110x164x48 mm) was not optimal for the Billy bookcase’s depth (I need 260mm depth instead of 164 mm).

I made 6 new boxes (trays) + enclosing containers. Since the trays are pretty long, I split them into two with a divider wall.


  • 2.5mm bookbinding board
  • Efalin (black) for the cover outside
  • Napura Khepera (black) bookbinding paper for the lining
  • PVA for box making, Planatol Elasta N (paste) + Planatol BB (glue) mix for lining


Some random swatches. Have hundreds of them.
The IKEA Billy shelf where I store the old swatch boxes
2 old boxes and a prototype tray
Lining the protoype with Napura Khapera
The finished box with efalin covers
Bookbinding boards cut to size for the remaining 5 boxes
Boxes without lining and covers
Whenever I need to install a 'divider' I create temporary spacers from leftover material. That makes much easier to glue the divider to the right place.
Finished trays